Our Services


  • Temperature
  • Humidity
  • Altitude
  • Solar Radiation
  • Wind and Rain
    • Enclosure Effectiveness
    • Spraytight
    • Watertight
    • Drip-proof
  • Immersion
  • Salt Fog

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Specialty Tests

  • Resistent to Solvents
  • Dielectric Strength
  • Hydrostatic Pressure Testing
  • Flow Testing
  • Explosive Decompression
  • Solderability


  • EMC Testing
  • Electrostatic Discharge

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  • MW shock to 7400 lbs
  • LW Shock to 550 lbs
  • LAB Vibration Table to 5500 lbs
  • Electrodynamic Shaker to 10,000 LBF
  • Inclination
  • Acceleration
  • Drop

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  • Airborne
  • Structureborne
  • High Intensity

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  • Instrumentation
  • Fixture Design
  • Test Reports and Procedures
  • Live Video Monitoring
  • High Speed Photography and Video

Our History

NU LABS (aka: Noise Unlimited, Inc.) started in 1962 specializing in the generation of  high intensity acoustic noise for simulating lift off conditions and providing a laboratory environment for simulated jet engine noise.   Equipment failure due to sonic fatigue was a top priority as aircraft were being designed to go higher and faster.  NU LABS created a high intensity noise generation system that is still in use today that will produce levels in excess of 170 dB.   Always looking to add to our capabilities, in 1990 we expanded our focus to include all the services we provide today with the goal to becoming a full service Military Support testing facility specializing in Acoustic Noise, Shock, Vibration as well as an A2LA certified EMI Lab.

NU LABS continues to be family owned and operated and is dedicated in it's pursuit of providing the highest quality of service for our military and commercial customers.