High Intensity Noise Testing

Early in the initial stages of Aerospace research, it was determined that high intensity acoustic noise could greatly stress every part and structural element of an aerospace structure. Further study yielded a need for gauging the reliability of parts and structures designed for aerospace deployment. Hence the development of acoustic fatigue testing where noise levels simulating those generated by a rocket engine were used to test the ability of parts to withstand the fatigue.

NU Laboratories (Noise Unlimited, Inc.) was formed for supplying services and hardware to simulate jet and rocket engine noise used for testing the reliability of aerospace parts and structures. Using the NUI 204B siren we continue to achieve sound pressure levels in excess of 170 dB over a broadband frequency spectrum. With the added capability of progressive wave tubes, we can test complete structures such as missile systems designed for captive carry implementation.

Chambers and Equipment

15 cu. ft. Reverberation Chamber
64 cu. ft. Reverberation Chamber
300 cu. ft. reverberation Chamber
8' x 9" x 9" Progressive Wave Tube
16' x 4' x 4' Progressive Wave Tube

NU Laboratories model 204B Noise Generator

400 Hz power

MultiChannel Real Time Analysis

Airborne and Structureborne

Noise Emission Testing

NU Laboratories provides complete airborne and structureborne noise testing in accordance with Military, ANSI, and ISO specifications.


Semi-Anechoic Room - 12' x 12' x 10'